Sick and Tired

       Sick and TiredIf you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, it´s time to change. Way too many people in this world are up to the point of giving up and decide not to change and leads them to addiction, suicide, homicide and countless destructive actions. Even if you haven´t reached that point, it´s time to change. Why? because if you choose to change now, you will avoid those devastating, painful experiences which come from destructive actions. There are too many people in prison for not changing before they committed those crimes. There are too many tragic deaths by suicide for not changing before committing that awful action. There is too much divorce because change didn´t take place before taking that action. It is time to change! Christ is the only One who can change you.  You can´t do it on your own. Many have tried to change on their own and sooner or later have found themselves in the same cycle of destruction again. Accept Christ Jesus in your heart for real change. Religion is senseless. Relationship is everything. Have a relationship with the Lord. Only then will real change occur. It is time. Soon, there will be no more.

The Word

The more The Wordyou read and study the Word of GOD, the more you will be edified and truly experience the power of it. Quality time in the Word will transform your life. You will see GOD and who He is in a different way. You will see that a relationship with GOD is intimate and the seed of His Word will produce fruit in due time. Do not be like the plant that sprouts quickly and dies out when the sun(trials and tribulations) comes out, but be the fertile(good) ground which produces fruit in abundance. Patience is the key. Which is why many do not read the Word. Studies show that in general people´s attention span is but some seconds. We are living in an age where information is found and given in seconds. But GOD wants you to seek Him and the deep things of Him in patience upon studying His Word. Only then will spiritual security, and discernment will increase accompanied by prayer. So, are you those who just hear with the ear who GOD is or experience who He is for yourself? It´s your choice.

The Olive Oil

The Olive OilSomething extremely important we have to understand in our walk of life is that in order for oil production, olives need to be ground, and well ground. Ground is the past tense and past participle form of the verb grind. I heard this principle from Bishop TD Jakes and through further investigation I have realized this profound spiritual truth for the olive to be so true. This applies to our lives through trials, afflictions and hardship. Many times we think that GOD is not with us or is angry at us when we go through difficult situatuions and circumstances, but on the contrary, these things just prove to us that He is with us and He permits these difficult moments to come our way to manifest the oil (anointing) in us. It is painful, it hurts, but be strong in the Lord because there is a purpose in the pain!

Realglory vs. Vainglory

realgloryWhat are you living for? Do you live and focus on exalting yourself, your reputation and who you are? When in reality man´s glory is temporary and shall fade away and die. Like grass in the field, like leaves that fall off of trees and are stepped upon by passer-bys. So all of mans´ glory shall be forgotten and stepped upon by others who can care less. Therefore, why not seek out and enter into realglory? The glory that heals you and makes you new. The glory that refreshes your life and never fades. The glory that is eternal. That glory, ladies and gentlemen, is found in Christ Jesus the Lord. Let us stop wastng our time and energy in vainglory, and seek out, find, grow in and retain realglory.

The heart

The heartWhat is revealed in our actions comes from the heart. What is in your heart? Life or death? Protect your heart at all times, because if your heart isn´t at peace, neither will you be. Only by GOD´s supernatural power can we guard our hearts. The reason why the world is full of downtrodden people is because they haven´t guarded their hearts. Guard your hearts in Christ with all that you have readers!

Fight the good fight!

Fight the good fightWe are in a battle. A battle that has been fought since long ago up to now. A battle that soon will be over. In which the victors shall be those who fight with their whole being, but not by their own mortal strength, which is little. This battle requires prayer, intercession, rebuking and casting out, fasting and declarations. And when applied and accomplished, newer, higher levels of blessings are poured into our lives from GOD. In Jesus, we shall overcome by faith! Don´t believe in what you see, believe in what you believe in GOD for, which comes to fruition in this earthly realm in His timing and will.

Temporary World

Temporary earthWe are living in a temporary world. Everything around us is temporary. So, why do we worry so much over things that will soon be consumed with fire? Let us then be worried about being right with GOD, because when it´s time to leave this earth, that is when life really begins. Stay right with GOD family in Christ! If you are not right with Him, get right now! Don´t waste your time! Everything is coming to an end soon. Put GOD first and His kingdom, and He will take care of the rest! Quit worrying!!

Get ready!! Preparense!!!

Get readyThings, events, ocurrences etc. in this world are going to turn from bad to worse. Are you ready? What are you going to do when you see the world uniting into one? Who are you going to trust? Wars will increase, there will be a false sense of peace in the world and when you see that, GET READY!!! It is time to get serious with GOD. Keep Christ Jesus as your foundation in life because the days are coming where you won´t have nowhere to turn. Eventos, acontecimientos etc. en este mundo van a girar desde mal en peor. ¿Estas preparado? ¿Que vas hacer cuando ves el mundo unir en uno? ¿En quien vas a confiar? Guerras van a crecer, van a ver un sentir falso de paz en este mundo y cuando ves eso, PREPÁRENSE!! Es tiempo de ponernos serios en Dios. Mantenga Cristo Jesús como tu fundación en todo tu vida porque vendrá dias en que no vas a saber a donde ir. GET READY!!! PREPARENSE!!!


NewnessGOD wants to transform your life and show you things that you have never known. Just call out to Jesus because He is more than powerful and mighty enough to save you. You need His security, the world is soon to go through very troubled times and you need GOD in your life to keep you. The Lord is with you though you may not know it. He is faithful and His love toward you is more than you can comprehend. Get to know Him and I assure you, you will NOT regret it.


ObjectiveOur objective in Christ is to stay in holiness and not to focus on the temporary of this world. Our citizenship is in heaven, so we are to have our whole being focused on the things of GOD, the kingdom of heaven. Let´s walk in the Spirit and that way we will impact those around us.