Biography of The King's Disciple

The King's Disciple was born in a small town in Mexico. His parents migrated with him and his siblings to the state of Arizona in the United States when he was 9 months old. He survived emotional abuse, domestic violence in the household, and a life of heavy drug use which lead to juvenile detentions and rehabilitation. Drugs had a negative effect on him mentally.

For a time, The King's Disciple passionately attended church with his mother. Then he got into the occult practices, selling drugs, and living the street life. The spiritual darkness and solitude led him to frequently watch a Christian channel, getting convicted. The seeds his mother had sown began to come into fruition in his life. He gave his life to Christ in September of 2013, at his house. At this point in his life, he was fighting a case in court because of a prior incident with the law.

About 2 weeks after giving his life to Christ, he began to grow in his new-found faith. Through that time, Cesar had a powerful encounter and reconciliation with God through a personal relationship with Him. During this time, he studied a 2-year course of Biblical Studies from Liberty University.

Afterward, He felt God's guidance to go to Mexico, where he now resides. He is now married, involved in a few ministries in church, and is using his God-given talent in music to spread the Gospel of Christ to the world.