The Word

The more The Wordyou read and study the Word of GOD, the more you will be edified and truly experience the power of it. Quality time in the Word will transform your life. You will see GOD and who He is in a different way. You will see that a relationship with GOD is intimate and the seed of His Word will produce fruit in due time. Do not be like the plant that sprouts quickly and dies out when the sun(trials and tribulations) comes out, but be the fertile(good) ground which produces fruit in abundance. Patience is the key. Which is why many do not read the Word. Studies show that in general people´s attention span is but some seconds. We are living in an age where information is found and given in seconds. But GOD wants you to seek Him and the deep things of Him in patience upon studying His Word. Only then will spiritual security, and discernment will increase accompanied by prayer. So, are you those who just hear with the ear who GOD is or experience who He is for yourself? It´s your choice.