Realglory vs. Vainglory

realgloryWhat are you living for? Do you live and focus on exalting yourself, your reputation and who you are? When in reality man´s glory is temporary and shall fade away and die. Like grass in the field, like leaves that fall off of trees and are stepped upon by passer-bys. So all of mans´ glory shall be forgotten and stepped upon by others who can care less. Therefore, why not seek out and enter into realglory? The glory that heals you and makes you new. The glory that refreshes your life and never fades. The glory that is eternal. That glory, ladies and gentlemen, is found in Christ Jesus the Lord. Let us stop wastng our time and energy in vainglory, and seek out, find, grow in and retain realglory.

The King´s Disciple is a Christian Hip Hop artist proclaiming the gospel of Christ to reach souls and glorify GOD. This vision has been in his heart since 2004. He started his music at the age of 13 with his childhood friend Solomon A.K.A King Solomon. They have sung together for about six years, until Christ came in The King´s Disciple´s life and started writing songs for the Lord´s glory. He feels that we are soon to see big things in the world, so `get ready for Christ´s coming´ is his message!! His songs are prophetic in an apocalyptic manner.