Get ready!! Preparense!!!

Get readyThings, events, ocurrences etc. in this world are going to turn from bad to worse. Are you ready? What are you going to do when you see the world uniting into one? Who are you going to trust? Wars will increase, there will be a false sense of peace in the world and when you see that, GET READY!!! It is time to get serious with GOD. Keep Christ Jesus as your foundation in life because the days are coming where you won´t have nowhere to turn. Eventos, acontecimientos etc. en este mundo van a girar desde mal en peor. ¿Estas preparado? ¿Que vas hacer cuando ves el mundo unir en uno? ¿En quien vas a confiar? Guerras van a crecer, van a ver un sentir falso de paz en este mundo y cuando ves eso, PREPÁRENSE!! Es tiempo de ponernos serios en Dios. Mantenga Cristo Jesús como tu fundación en todo tu vida porque vendrá dias en que no vas a saber a donde ir. GET READY!!! PREPARENSE!!!

The King´s Disciple is a Christian Hip Hop artist proclaiming the gospel of Christ to reach souls and glorify GOD. This vision has been in his heart since 2004. He started his music at the age of 13 with his childhood friend Solomon A.K.A King Solomon. They have sung together for about six years, until Christ came in The King´s Disciple´s life and started writing songs for the Lord´s glory. He feels that we are soon to see big things in the world, so `get ready for Christ´s coming´ is his message!! His songs are prophetic in an apocalyptic manner.